Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pre-Registration Information

Mark Thomas of Seattle International Randonneurs shared the following interesting information with the RBAs:

PBP2011 pre-registration starts this weekend for riders who rode an ACP 1000km brevet or an RM 1200km (or longer) brevet in 2010.

The instruction page for PBP pre-registration can be found here .... and includes the pre-registration schedule.

The instructions indicate that riders will need rider affiliation, rider license number and homologation number of longest 2010 brevet. For riders who's affiliation is "Foreign" (i.e., non-France), the rider license number is inapplicable.

RUSA members can find the homologation numbers of any 2010 US ACP (200, 300, 400, 600, 1000) or RM (1200 or longer) events by results search on RUSA website. Homologation numbers for non-US RM events can be found at http://www.lesrandonneursmondiaux.org/homologations2011.html. For non-US ACP events, riders will probably need to consult the event organizers.

RUSA Membership and PBP

John Lee Ellis, from RUSA-HQ writes: "...PBP aspirants will be registering directly online with the ACP.  RUSA will have no intermediary role as in past years.  Members can easily obtain their certificate numbers for their applications on our website as a benefit of membership.  Non-members must wait for their cards to be returned to them by the organizer.  (The exception is foreign riders, for whom we provide their numbers as a courtesy.)

Please convey this to your riders who are aiming for PBP.  It is in their interest and yours (to avoid extra hassle) that they be a RUSA member, starting with their first qualifier.  The same holds true for US 1200k's, of course, at least those requiring qualifiers in 2011.

Welcome to the PBP FAQ Page

With all the information and opinions floating around about preparing for PBP, riding PBP, registering for PBP, and anything-else-under-the-sun PBP, PA Randonneurs (well, Tom actually) thought it would be helpful to gather good information in one convenient location for the benefit of the group. Save or follow this blog as it will become the repository for any information remotely beneficial to the aspiring PBP participant.