Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25 Update

Mark Thomas has offered a few reminders to PBP aspirants concerning upcoming registration deadlines:

May 29 - Preregistration for riders who rode a 200km ACP brevet (or longer) in 2010
- Starts midnight Paris time (6pm on 5/28 here on the east coast)

June 11 - Registration begins (presumably midnight Paris time, so evening of 6/10 here)
- Preregistered riders start final registration
- Non-preregistered riders may also register if there are quota spaces available (likely)

June 19 - Pre-registered riders lose their priority space if not yet registered
- This may free up national quota to allow more non-preregistered riders to register on June 20

July 17 - Registration deadline
- Riders who registered without all of their 2011 brevet homologation numbers must provide them by July 17

As of May 24, 442 US riders had completed their registerations. Due to the projected US totals, RUSA returned 50 pre-registration spaces to the ACP for use by other countries. The total US allocation is now 669. There are still plenty of spaces available for those wanting to ride PBP.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pre-Registration Update

As of May 9, 421 of the 719 US allocation for PBP entries have been "reserved." If you rode as much as an ACP 400k in 2010 and want to ride in France this summer, you can pre-register now. Riders who completed an ACP 300k in 2010 will be able to begin pre-registering on May 15. Riders who completed an ACP 200k in 2010 will be permitted to pre-register on May 29. The current trends indicate that there may well be spaces in the US allocation remaining after all RUSA members who completed even a single ACP brevet in 2010 have pre-registered. Riders who didn't ride any ACP brevets in 2010 and want to go to PBP should pre-register beginning on June 11. (I recall one our own PA Randonneurs went to the 2007 PBP in his first season of randonneuring, so it's not an uncommon situation.)

All pre-registrants are reminded to complete their registration by June 19. Incomplete registration spaces and any remain unreserved spaces will be opened to the world on June 20.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Reflective Vest Order Update

The order for reflective vests is going to be placed very soon. An updated listing of orders to date is provided below. Please review it and let Don Jagel () or Ron Anderson () if there are any changes.

Please send your payment check in to Ron so we can place the order. The cost of the vest each vest is $35. If you would like the vest sent to you, add $5 to cover shipping.

Make the check out to: PA Randonneurs LLC

Mail payment to:

Ron Anderson
881 Ritz Avenue
Hamilton, NJ 08610