Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Registration Draws Nearer

The latest PBP registration information from Mark Thomas:

Registration for PBP opens Saturday, June 11 (Paris time) - or Friday afternoon in the US. Because the US did not fill up its quota of entries during the pre-registration process, ALL riders can register at this time regardless of pre-registration status. (Over 200 spaces are left as of the morning of 6/7).

New 2011 riders (and any other rider that did not complete a brevet in 2010) do NOT have to wait until preregistration places free up on June 20.

Preregistered riders must complete their registration at this time. Ideally, they would do so before pre-registrations are released after June 19, but our quota status may make that less important. In all events, registration must be completed before July 17.

As cautioned before, everything from me or anyone else at RUSA about PBP is unofficial. RUSA does not manage PBP. Official ACP information on PBP registration can be found here


and here

(especially Articles 5-7)

We have not seen the registration form, but here's my best guess as to what to have available when you go online to register:

(1) The homologation (certificate) numbers for at least three of your four qualifying brevets; i.e., your 200, 300, 400, 600 brevets in 2011 (or longer, if you are substituting a longer brevet for a shorter). If you don't have all four, you must add the last one by the time registration closes on 7/17.

(2) A credit card to make payment for the ride.

(3) For pre-registered riders, please also have the Dossier Number (US-###) and password from your pre-registration. Check your confirmation email from you preregistration for these. If you can't find them, contact me for help.

To get the homologation (certificate) numbers for your brevets in the US, you can go to the RUSA results search page. From www.rusa.org, select "Search For . . . Results" from the left hand menu. Enter your RUSA number to get your results. If the certificate number is blank, that means that RUSA has not yet received the certificate number for that event from the ACP.

For your information, the process that results in certificate numbers being posted on the website is not instantaneous. First, your RBA needs to submit the results to RUSA. Then the RUSA brevet coordinator (me) batches those up and submits them to the ACP. Then the ACP numbers the results and sends a spreadsheet back to RUSA. Then the RUSA brevet coordinator posts those numbers to the website.

If a qualifying brevet was done outside the US, you will have to contact the organizer for the certificate number.

Once registration starts and we see the actual form being used, we can update this information with any other registration requirements.



Some other notes:
1. Be certain of your desired start group when beginning the registration process. It is unlikely that you will be able to change it once your registration is complete.
2. The RBAs and Mark Thomas are taking steps to expedite certification of ACP results from now until registration closes. If you haven't yet completed your qualifying series, rest easy. RUSA will make sure that your results are posted as quickly as possible.
3. Don't neglect your training in June & July simply because you've completed your qualifying series. Most regions have brevets scheduled in June and July to help you. Take advantage of these opportunities so you'll be in top form come August 21 and have an enjoyable and memorable PBP.


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